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Discussion in 'Homemade baits' started by Zelenakjason, Aug 29, 2006.

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    Hello. Well I mainly fish for whites in Texas with my grandfather but here lately I have been turned on to catfishing and I have to say I really really enjoy it. I was wondering what home made chumming recipes are out there for a person like myself could make and use? I greatly appreciate any and all help.

    Sincerely SSG Zelenak:big_smile:
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    The easiest and most productive, IMHO, is cured cracked corn. Take some cracked corn are chicken scratch and fill up a bucket about 3/4 full, then add either 2 warm beers are a packet of yeast. the fill with water and cover. place this in the sun for 3-9 days. You need to check the water level and make sure the corn stays covered in water. when your neighors start asking about the "funky" smell it is ready to use. You can throw it out as is are place it in a chum bag/bucket.

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    first let me welcome yout o the boc. i would check out the library there is some good stuff for you there