Home made lawn cure!!!

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    Didn't know where to post this so I put it here, guess it could have gone in gardening but oh well...
    Our outside sale guy Tim came in this morning all excited about how he found this cure to make his lawn greener than ever after it had turned brown form grubs & lack of rain. He has this neighbor that moved in across the strret who is a puerto rican guy. The guy moved in & about a month after he did his lawn was the greenest on the block. So Tim goes over & asks him one day , "Hey what did u do to this grass to bring it back so quickly, it was burnt pretty bad?" The guy tells him to get 1 pint of ammonia, i bottle of green palmolive dish soap, and 1 20oz of coca cola. Mix all three together in an empty bottle of miracle grow( the kind u hook up to your hose to spray) and just spray your lawn once every 2 weeks, that's it. So i don't know if anybody has ever tried this or heard of it, but i guess it's worth a shot. Btw Tim tried it 3 weeks ago & says his lawn is turning green already!!!!! So if u want i guess u could substitute other colors of palmolive & see what happens.lol:smile2::smile2: it's worth a shot
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    Will, this is my take on lawn care;

    If mother nature won't take care of it, i sure won't.

    More time fishin, less time mowing.

    But to the point, there was an old guy on PBS series that mix stuff like that up and he had a mix for every thing, I can't think of his name but I do remember him using dish soap, beer,soda,and alike.

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    The ammonia and Coke provide nutrients. Nitrogen from the ammonia and Phosphate from the Coke. The dish soap will help control the grubs and bugs working on the roots of the grass. The dish soap is an old cure. Years ago they use to take the dish water out to the garden and flowers to rid off bugs.:wink:
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    Thats a nice looking pup you got there kevin . I am a lab breeder and expecting a litter any day . You gonna hunt that pup ?
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    That sure seems like a lot of soap.
    I would guess a spoonful would be enough.
    Cloudy household amonia has soap in it anyway.
    What the soap does is break the surface tension so the liquid soaks in.
    Have a good one
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    I saw that fellow also....he had a cure, or formula for everything. Good stuff. I'm going to try this one.
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    Will, the ammonia is an excellent fertilizer.
    I was once a plant manager in a anhydrous ammonia plant until we had a major explosion. No one was seriously injured or killed. 98% of our production was used by farmers, 2% was used for refrigeration. At that time the ammonia market was poor and the company decided not to rebuild.

    Myself... I use Walmart grass fertilizer. It has the very same ingredients as Scotts for a lot less money.
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    That mans name was Jerry Baker and I remember he had a remedy for almost everthing but I think he was trying to propmote beer sales too.