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Probably more times than not smaller catfish will hit it and steel the bait. But what i found works best is to make my own tubes. The yellow one in the picture is the store purchased tube and the bright green one is my homemade one, Ill get back to that later.

I found that the treble hooks were too harsh on the smaller fish and after ripping out their throat latches and watching them float away, after I tried to release them, I decided to make a better setup.

My goal was to make one that held bait better and longer.

I started out putting a light coat of vasoline over a 1/4 inch allen wrench as a mold release. Then using about 1 table spoon of 100% siliconized rubber ( from wallmart in the silicone and caulk section ) and a pea size amount of arcrylic paint ( Any color ) also from wallmart.

Stiring them up with a tooth pick. Then use a tongue depressor to coat the allen wrench evenly with the silicone and paint mixture.

You must work fast at this point because the acrylic paint works as an accelerator for the silicone and sets up in a just a couple of minutes. Also have a cup of water nearby with a drop of dish soap in it to dip your fingers in and shape the tube better over the allen wrench. After e few minutes you can then slide the tube off of the allen wrench. You now have a tube.

After a few other minutes you can cut slits in it to release bait, then thread a hook of your choice thru it . I like the long j hook a lot easier to catch and release fish and they dont swallow it like a small trouble hook.

You bait this the same as any other tube #1 Make sure the tube is bone dry everytime you bait it up. #2 you can shove bait down the inside of the tube to hold ten times better that conventional tubes. And the holes on the side of your tube are letting small amounts of bait and smell out.

Ive used these tubes and they work great, getting a couple fish on one bait. Im still working on something similiar for circle hooks.

I made about 6 of these in about an hour for the price of 1 tube of silicone that i didnt even use half of, and a little craft paint.

Im working on a mold now to make like six at one time.

Hope this helps.
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