Home Made Claw Sinker

Discussion in 'Sinker Making Institute' started by SkipEye, Sep 6, 2007.

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    Hey Folks,

    Here's a design I just came up with to convert a no-roll slip sinker into a CLAW.

    I am hoping this might help in those situations where you are losing a lot of lead to Rip Rap.

    Claws themselves are by no means my idea. But wanted to make one with the current sinkers I have the molds for.

    I took an 8 oz. no-roll slip sinker and drilled it out to 1/8" all the way through. I then drilled partially through the bottom with a 3/16" drill bit.

    For the eye I used a 1/16" tig welding rod wrapped around a 16 penny nail to form the eye. Both straight ends were then stuck through the weight.
    I added two additional short pieces of welding rod in the bottom of the weight.

    Then I fluxed it and soldered the wires to each other, also filling the hole.

    Then you simply spread the wires and TA-DA claw sinker!!!!!

    The theory is that these wires will catch in the rocks, then the wires will bend when you pull it and you get your rig back. HOPEFULLY.

    Cheap and easy to make. Help me test it out or feel free to modify or simplify this design.