Home made catfishin jigs

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    I wanted to share with you good people what I do when I use stink bait. Attached are some photos of how I use this tackle.

    I start with some old jig heads that I actually found at the lake(the blue and the green one). At the dollar store, I buy some sponge. The type of sponge with big holes, and yes there are several types of sponges. The bigger the holes in the sponge, the easier it is to get the stink bait to stick to it and in it.

    Next, I just cut a chunk of sponge to fit the size hook I plan on using. I have been purchasing a cat rig that has a big yellow "worm" attached to that has ribs and holes to hold the stink bait. This worm usually works well. But after bouncing off the rocks, snags, and catching the occasional fish, I usually end up losing the worm part. That's when I discovered the use of the sponge.

    This may not be something new to all of you, but I've been using it for several months now. With mixed results, as most of you know when you use stink. It is however, pretty cheap to put together.

    Please look at the photos, and let me know if this is helpful:big_smile: , or useless:crazy: .

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    Good idea thanks for sharing.

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    If you want something that really works good with stink baits try a looper rig,sold by one of our sponsers. They are cheap and you couldnt ask for a better bait holding rig
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    Good idea,Kenny. Thanks.