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    Has anyone ever made there own cabin or winter enclosure? Seaark makes one for my boat but I figure it probably costs a fortune. Cat Tamer has one on his Seaark. ( I have only seen pictures of it) Any way its hard to think about winter with the hot weather we have had but I would like to have something on my boat for this winter. Any Pictures of Ideals would be appreciated.
    Thanks, Rob
  2. Katmandeux

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    Zack Taylor, for years and years the boating editor of Sports Afield, wrote a book on duck hunting, and I remember seeing plans for what you're talking about. The book was called "Successful Waterfowling", and I'm sure it's long out of print, but you might check ebay.

    I've thought about such a thing, myself, and something similar to an aluminum pickup camper that could be set in/out by two men, with doors on each end, would be pretty neat.

    You'd need some sort of stand-up helm, so you could see over it, though.

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    I've seen them with an actual pickup camper shell being used. No stand up helm, just used the window. It was one of those type camper shells with the walk-in door on the back where ya have to take out the tailgate, normally.
  4. Mark J

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    Thats what all this Autocad software is for:wink:
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    I have also seen a couple of these homemade retrofits one looked like well wont go there. The other looked sweet and compfy. Me I like the elements!!
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    I plan on adding something to my 20 ft war-eagle like that.
    I plan on moving the side console up and then add a left console. Then use a
    Bimini Top. Also will if I can get it to look right. Have a walk through windshield on the boat. And let the Bimini to snap shut along the top of the windshield.
    Then a closure on the back with a zipper in the middle. This will allow me to fish on the big front deck, Or have plenty of room behind it to anchor fish. And still be dry and warm.
    But I have to cut out all the back deck on mine. And change up a lot. but it will be a fishing boat then. It will also have a 30 gallon live well and a 30 gallon bait tank in front of the consoles.
    Then in back a 60 gallon or so livewell.

    PS theres a guy here that built him one out of Pipe and it works great and easy to take off.
  7. Todd Strong

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    I've seen a couple of these on the river up here, I would think it would add alot of weight. I would probably talk with an interior shop and ask if they can make one from canvas if you had the frame build.
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    I once had homemade bows and a canvas like a covered wagon on a wooden boat.It worked great for a kid in the 50's,but I was a lot smaller then and had a 2 hp.tiller motor.Most often I had to remove the canvas to move as it;s sailing prowess was often greater than the motors out put in a wind.Look up English sail and power boat plans.Small cabins are popular on boats of all types for camping over there.Wind resistance in a sudden thunder storm can make a cabin deadly and a cause for a normally stable boat to capsize.Way more so on lakes and/or large exposed rivers.Canvas can be anchored so as to hold normally but come loose and "flag" in a bad wind storm.Thin plywood or aluminum can hurt you bad as it destructs or goes overboard.Better cold and wet than capsized.Lot to think about,including anchoring it in the boat and wind resistance while trailering the outfit.It will affect and change your boat from available space to handling.It will also make a great difference on a miserable day.I did not install or buy a boat with one as I was often subject to getting caught in very bad weather with sudden thunderstorms,often offshore.My survival depended on a very low center of gravity.I love you Brothers and Sisters.peewee
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    Well, we're not talkin' about pontoon boats here, but this thread reminded me of somethin' I saw last time I went fishin'. I believe it was at Bill's Marina on Lake Norman......anyhow, somebody had constructed themselves a homemade "houseboat" :big_smile:. It was a pontoon with one of those aluminum storage buildings attached to it. I didn't think it would be very conducive for fishing, because most of the deck space was used up. We laughed about it, I mean, this thing looked rather amusing to me. But I was wondering it anybody had ever seen this done before? Peewee, do you think wind could be bad enough to rip somethin' like THAT off, if it was attached well? I suppose it could. (I'm not personally gonna try it, I've got a tent that fits right on the front deck of the pontoon; plus, I don't stay out on the water in storms anyhow. For some rain however, if that l'il tent and/or my rainsuit don't keep me dry, I'll just get wet. Sounds pretty good right now actually!)
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    Seems like you should be able to make a knockdown frame out of pvc, then make a cover for it out of clear plastic, unless you've got a porta-potty in there; then you'd probably want to go with black plastic.
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    $149.95 ???!!!!!!! Just buy you one of them portable hunting blinds. They pop-up automatically and roll right up and stuff into a bag when done.

    Sounds like a pain to deal with regardless!
  13. peewee williams

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    Home made house boats and "Shanny Boats" were very popular in my early years.Many had them on the lakes and river slack water areas.I loved them,but we got out of them and on to the bank out in to the weather if you saw bad weather approaching just as you did with all boats.Many used and some lived on them.Wind was their greatest enemy.Though some did,few ever survived it to die of rot.You were considered very lucky to "find" it destroyed."You could have been in it".Hulls designed and built from the ground up to have a cabin or shelter are much safer.Even those are much safer with the cabin or shelter removed.House boats are wide.Legal highway boat withs are just not wide enough to be very stable with a shelter from what I have seen.The heaver and the lower the center of gravity,the better.I would still love to have one,but I still would get out of it in a blow.It was like having my house on the beach.I knew that sooner or later it would be destroyed by a storm.I just did not know when.Forget this and you may well be destroyed with it.By respecting Mother Nature I have lived 62 years all the while remembering and missing the ones that did not.I love you Brothers and Sisters.peewee