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heres a bait i made that ive had a good luck on if somene else tries it let me know how u do, catch about a a dozen crayfish, catch garden worms or buy night crawlers, u need alot of worms, and buy a tub chicken livers, cotton balls, some kind of garlic, flour, ok first dump the crayfish worms and livers uinto a blender or food processer and make into a liquid,then add the garlic and then take about 10 cotton balls and tear them up real fine and add them in, finnaly add alot of flour till it gets to the thickness u like it, this bait can be used on a plain trebble hook and works great for channels and other cats

Thanks for the tip. I have been meaning to try to throw together some home made dough bait and haven't got around to it yet. I catch a lot of crawdads (for eatin') and a while back I had them in an ice chest and had to work 4 hours extra which meant they were sitting out in this hot AZ sun for 2 or 3 hours until I got home. Well, needless to say, most of them died so I stuffed em all in ziplock bags with a little water and froze them to use later in some homemade bait or something. I need to go hit the thrift shops this week and see if I can't find a blender to use. For some reason I don't think my wife would like me chopping up crawdads and chicken livers in hers, lol.
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