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Discussion in 'General Conversation' started by Hootowlc3, May 5, 2006.

  1. Hootowlc3

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    Homeland security, What a joke, Have any of you noticed how they handle a elevated status for a terrorist attack? On the Tombigbee waterway they set a saw horse across the road to the lock and dam, with a sign that says DO NOT ENTER, and it isn't even in Arabic. lmao
    Sure those Ahab's gonna read that and run screaming back across the Mexican border.
    If they think that works lets put a saw horse at the Mexican border with a sign that says DO NOT ENTER. I am sure that will stop all the illegals from entering.
  2. dinkbuster1

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    y'know what kills me is how they are supposedly trying to do to protect our water supplies. here in ohio there are countless areas along our rivers where water wells are (and even sewage plants of all areas!) that are completely off limits to any human contact now do to the fear of someone poisoning the water. now if someone is going to poison the water they are going to do it regardless and arent going to try and do it if fishermen are around to witness it, or try and stop them. odds are someone is going to have a cell phone also. that is like free security! knowing how us good 'ol boy cat-men are, id feel sorry for a terrorist if he got caught by one of us doing something felonious. :big_smile:

  3. IL Hunter

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    Normal, IL
    I have my own form of homeland security. My home my security.
  4. AwShucks

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    Guthrie, Oklaho
    Now Hoot, you must admit you feel a whole lot better with all that security. lol
  5. Darrell

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    The best security is the people. Keep vigilent, report suspicious activity and help spread the world. The fact of the matter is that there are countries that want us dead, end of discussion! What are we going to do when the next catastrophe happens? Point our fingers at the next politician? The way I see it, when you point your finger at something you have three more pointing back at you on the same hand. Those three fingers ussally say:

    WHAT could I have done.
    WHY didnt I do something.
    HOW could I have helped.

    If our government cant do it, the people better stand for something other than themselves.

    I applaud the minute men citizens along the mexican boarder helping the border patrol.

  6. flaboy

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    Wedgefield, SC
    why do those crooked politicians call it homeland security when it is a AntiAmerican Act ? Oh I forgot, I used a double negative. crooked politicians.
  7. Doyle

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    I like Darrell’s post, its up to all us to provide home and community security. Did you really think that the government is going to patrol your local waterways or local driveways, I didn’t. It’s very important that all report suspicious activities to our local law enforcement. It wouldn’t hurt to report these things to local game people too, so if one ignores it, the other might not. The federal government has a massive job to protect this country from those who wish to harm it. They the government (Us in our form of government) needs all the help and positive suggestions that can be made. How would you protect our homeland? What spots need help from the local community? If I see three or four foreign dudes in a boat with a big box between them heading for the local dam, I am going to yell at somebody…. Then head for the high ground.
  8. armynavy

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    Yep they have one of those gates across our dam now too, and across the low road but what about the gravel road 1/2 mile down river with the big bend that leads straight to the dam guess noone will use that they only travel by paved roads. Oh well makes them feel like they are doing something, lol.