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    Well made it home from Santee !!!! What some sorry weather ther last 3 days.. 14 fish 22lbs. blue big fish and fish hard ... tuesday fished from 11am to 3 am wed. morning 8 fish:sad2: Big fish came off the bank in front of cabins at canal lake on cut shad.. Started raining as soon as we got there sun and turned cold I think it rained like 36 hours..Glad we didn't stay in a ten like planned!!!!!!! Any way 1st. trip to the canal was a bust but will try again> I will be at the BOC gathering in Sept. if weather is ok want make that 5 hour trip for bad weather again:eek:oooh:
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    Sorry to hear about the bad trip but I have had quite a few of them lately myself!! Better luck next time.