Holy Pontiff I mean Pontoon!

Discussion in 'Boat Repair Help' started by loanwizard, Apr 14, 2006.

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    I just bought a 1987 28 foot Playbuoy (no rabbit ears) Apparently it has a leak for when I went out last night I had a list in the right rear. Is that pontoon compartmentalized or 1 big unit? Am I in danger of sinking the "Exxon Valdez"? My intent is to haul the trailer down and put her up the ramp and drain the plug. I also thought about putting some blow in foam but figured if tha stuff got wet I'd have a mess. Any ideas other than pulling it out to a welder? How do I find the actual spot? Will JB Weld hold til fall? or after our Ohio May 5th Gathering?

    Many Thanks in advance.
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    Shawn, I'll trade ya the slightly haunted killer attack boat *(ie my 77 glasmaster tri-hull)* for your exxon valdez!!! rofl

    sorry, just kidding

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    I am not sure if it compartmented, but I would bet it is. I have seen them install a air valve and then pressurize the toon. Not talking 100 psi or anything, but it helps find the hole. A bit of soapy water shows the location. Then the air inlet is removed and welded over. I would be warry of foam as it might expand too much and cause more problems. Check the seams as they tend to crack and leak. Also inspect any dents. I would probably take it to a welder myself. The money spent may just save your life.
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    Shawn, go to the rear of each toon. You should have a threaded drain plug. Then check mid-way up the toon on it's top for another plug. Some of the older ones had both.
    Try using teflon plumbers tape to seal the top onr, then get the correct adapters/fittings, and pressureize the toon to around 5 to 10 psi. Stop , listen for leaks. If you hear one or more, then get a spray bottle with a dab of dish washing liquid and the rest water. Spray the plugs first, then check everywhere the toons are welded to the frame. If you find a leak, mark it with a permanate marker and move on. Once you find the(all) the leak(s), Take it to a welder and let the pro fix it.
    Once and for all.(It'll help you're re-sale value also.)
    PS most are not a compartments,but, only one big chamber.)