Holloway Dam

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    Charlotte, Mich
    Ok brothers I have been listening about this Holloway Dam for a while now
    and its good fishin......Well we are coming to see for ourselves....Butchfulk and I are coming up next week to try our rookie techniques out on this body of water......any input on ...where....what time....bait....and if we should bring the boat would be much appreciated...:wink:

    Thanks Brothers...
  2. michiganwhitetailRLM

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    Well roydog! All I can say is bring your boat. If you come on the weekend it will be elbow to elbow at the dam itself so you'll want to fish the backwaters of the res. I have had nearly all my luck on chicken livers or fresh cutbait for the cats. It dose'nt really matter what time of day or night as long as you find the holes or nasty logjams and such.
    The dam is a nice spot and I do all my fishing @ or close to it for cats since I don't have a boat. There are alot of walleye anglers in waders at the dam on the weekends but I have'nt seen but a few legal fish come out of there. The cats are plentiful though and taste real good.
    I went out lastnight but was'nt prepared for the dramatic increase in water levels since they just recently opened the dam to let some water out of the res for once. Bring plenty of sinkers, hooks and snapswivels if you plan on fishing the dam....lots of snaggs unless you know where to fish...lol!
    The res itself has little current and lots of small pockets to fish out of if you use a boat.
    I usually do best for cats with shad this time of year but have'nt seen any in the dam yet wich is odd for this time of year, so again, use chicken livers and cut up gill for bait. A number 2 bait holder hook, a 1 ounce egg sinker and snapswivel will do perfect. Let me know when you'll be there and maybe I can meet up with ya'll......Rick!:roll_eyes: