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    I found a deep hole(45ft) in a narrow cut between two islands on the Mississippi.
    My question is how far from the hole will the catfish go at night and if up,down or across the current would be best. There are shallow flats(7-10ft)all four ways.
    Been fishing a long time but just started making an effort the go for the big one. Just found this site this spring and you guys have more than doubled the average fish for me. Thanks for you help.
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    I don't fish the big river too much, but I would look for any cover within the hole to start out. Downed trees, rocks, brushpiles, even a hump within the hole. These places will hold fish any time of day or night. Although through the early evening till a little past dawn, the head of the hole and adjacent current seams and flats would probably hold actively hunting fish. If you were going to fish at night, I would set up at the head of the hole first and try to position my boat so I could get a line or two out on the flat next to it. If you are fishing for flatheads, do not overlook the daytime bite. These fish can be caught during the day, you just have to fish tight to the cover. Which as mentioned before, could be anything from a sunken log, or a hump or hole within the hole. I never had much luck fishing shallow water at night, I think because you are waiting for the fish to come to you. You don't know where the fish is going to or coming from, whether he went downriver or up. When you fish daylight hours, you know where that fish is going to be and you can "target" him more efficiently. You don't want to leave your bait in one spot for too long either, in this situation. Fifteen minutes is about the limit for me, after that, just move your bait a couple of feet down the log or what have you. If you put it in his face, you won't have to wait long. Most of the time, I can't get the other rods set before I get bit, if he's there.
    GOOD LUCK MIKE! and WELCOME TO THE B.O.C.:wink::0a25:

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    Welcome to the BOC. Cant think of much to add, sounds like its about covered above. Cats and flats will move as far as necessary at night to find food. Could be a few yards or a few miles. If you do some fishing in that spot and dont do much good you could try chumming an area to draw in some smaller fish for the bigger flats to feed on. Good Luck
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    Welcome to the BOC
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    peoria area illinois
    blues are prob. in the deep holes