Hog Pop on the Rise

Discussion in 'Hog Hunting' started by Poppa, Feb 1, 2009.

  1. Poppa

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    Pinson, Al
    Our deer season ended Jan. 31 and our wild hog total is 17. We killed
    4 last year and 2 the year before last. Our deer total was down a bit.
    People think hogs augment your deer hunting but I think to many hogs
    can ruin your deer hunting. They kept our game patches eat down or
    rooted up and they compete with the deer for the acorns. We are talking
    about doing some hog trapping this summer. Have any of you been
    having this same problem?
  2. randallewis

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    Louisiana --Shreveport
    Start now don't wait until summer. Their bellies are big from eating acorns and corn. They are looking for food. Easier to trap.

  3. catfisherman369

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    Nashville Il.
    hogs can for sure populate quick i would have to agree with the invaiding the deer food . maybe you could put in a deer plot to help with the food problem and for sure do some hog wranglin .
  4. Kip Brandel

    Kip Brandel New Member

    Glasgow, Kentuc
    In Florida the Hogs are almost as bad as Mosquitoes. We put up 4 ft hog wire fences around the food plots and put 1/4 inch wire rope around the bottom of the whole thing about 3-4 inches apart up to 12 inches high. Deer easily hop over and eat all they want but hogs cant get through. If food is scarce though they will still tear the fence up and get in but not as easily with only a fence around it. A few friends were going to do some small food plots with wood around the bottom between the fence and the post but I have not heard how well they are working.
  5. Txbluecatman

    Txbluecatman Member

    I would start trying to trap as soon as possible. This time of year is usually when I can fill the majority of my traps pretty regular. The hogs are hungry and will be easier to get into a trap.

    If you let the population take hold and wait till summer you will find that your deer numbers are going to decrease and that all that time and money in food plots aint gonna mean squat when them hogs get through with them. JMHO
  6. badams

    badams New Member

    One reason the deer population drops is because they'll eat fawns any time they can get a tooth into one. They eat each other if the oppurtunity arises