Hog Huntin with a Bow

Discussion in 'Hog Hunting' started by TX Catman, Mar 19, 2007.

  1. TX Catman

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    I've seen videos of some people huntin hogs with just about everything amaginable, and I just saw one about hunting hogs with a bow????? Has anyone done this before or heard about it. Because it sounds like a lot of fun and I might try to do it if yall's coments are good ok...................
  2. massa_jorge

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    i killed my first hog with a bow. used a 100 grain 4 bladed muzzy broadhead and easton aluminum arrows. (now i shoot only carbon arrows- they're lighter and stronger, IMO) was shooting a fred bear recurve. put that arrow through a 250 pound sow's lungs and that did it.
    just remember trake a sidearm when bowhunting hogs, or be off the ground. they almost always take off when hit with just about anything, and could be headed right in your direction. just remember never shoot a hog behind the shoulder like you would a deer. that's the gut shot- hogs have a little different anatomy than a lot of animals.
    have fun, be safe