hmmmm. not one bite all night

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    i took about 4 of my friends catfishin, from about 9:30 pm till about 3:30 am in the morning. we diddnt have a bite all night.

    the water for some reason was surprisingly warm, normally the water at "flyns lick" is ice cold because it comes out of a mountian... but again we were fishing about 4 miles down river so i gues the water had time to get hot. and there was no current what so ever...... but we still had a good time.

    the main reason i took them fishing is because they are very big drug users, and i was trying to show them somthing better to do with there time. even though we didnnt get a bite all night they told me they have not been that calm and peacefull in years.. sitting under the stars, listening to the coyotes and the owls and watching the bats fly around... an hour away from any city lights..

    one of them had a red mohawk, he actually built a fire twards the end of the night, because it was getting cold and came up with the idea of just cooking the chicken livers we were using as bait....

    the chicken livers were not that bad, we cooked about 2 containers of them.... everyone left with a full stomach. and by the time we got back to there house they all went straight to sleep, because they were so exausted and none of them got high? they just went to sleep.... strange how that works huh? LOL!
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    always peacefull when im fishing

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    Rick you did something all of us need to be more concerned about.
    Thanks for careing and God bless you.

    mr smith
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    there is a time in life when we need to think of other peoples problem other than our own.when someones is worse our seems like a bump in the road.way to gomy friend .:cool2: