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I started fishing where the verdigris and arkansas river meets, when is a good time to start going after the big ones there?

I use shad and garlic chicken liver as bait if it matters :p

Thanks for reading,

We dont have a fish finder or anything, but when i would rinse my hands off it was kinda cold. not too cold.
Kinda cold is all I need to hear. Use cut baits or blood baits for those conditions, lightest sinker possible to hold down the bait. I also use a float on my leader line in cold water to keep the bait off the bottom mud and leaves so a slow moving channel can smell and find it easier. Move your baits every ten miutes a foot or two and refresh your bait every 30 mins. Really would help if you pick up a cheap thermometer to keep in the tackle box to measure water temp. Tie a section of mono to it so ya can hang it in the water. This is the kind I have, I use it when I am bank fishing for my fish log:

View attachment 110162

.....or look on a river guage site for temps:

USGS Real-Time Water Data for USGS 07164500 Arkansas River at Tulsa, OK

...and this site to convert the celsius to farenheit:

Fahrenheit and Celsius Temperature Conversion Calculator

So looking at this the river has jumped from around 59* yesterday to around 66* today!?? Go fishing tonight brotha!!!
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