Hit the Guad near Kenedalia

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    Didn't even know if there would be water there since it's this drought is getting bad. Google earthed the area and loaded the boat. There are quite a few river Xings in this area. Seems there were peaple partying at all of them lol. I picked one that looked deep and paddled up stream to get away from a family of some really crazy lookin rednecks..must of been from Oklahoma..lol

    Found a deep hole betwwen 2 riffles and set 2 jugs with Danny Kings..didn't catch bait yet. Went farther up stream and started flyfishing for perch..had some good bad problems cause kept catching bass on the flyrod. Catch a few and decided to just fish for bass as I made my way up the river. Since I couldn't catch bait I decided this was a scouting trip. The river does the same thing over and over..riffle pool riffle pool. Found a real deep one about 12 feet and fished it till dark. Caught some decent bass and a 1.5pound channel cat. I'll be back to this pool again..looked real fishy.

    On the way back both jugs were bouncing. 2 small channel cats about 2 pounds. I rebaited the jugs and set them in the same place. I pulled onto a bank and cleaned the 3 I allready caught. I heard the bell on my jug jingle and had one more on there. I let him go cause I didn't feel like cleaning him. I paddled back and to my surprise the pool the family was swimming in had 3 really nice channels swimming in there. One had to be 4 pounds. I didn't bother them. Loaded up and was home in time to grill the fish I caught. another great trip. I promise pics next time.
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    Sounds like a good time Frank.