Hit and run legal now?

Discussion in 'General Conversation' started by FS Driver, Sep 9, 2007.

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    my son had his truck parked in front of a relatives house and their neighbors company ( a teenaged girl ) backs out of their driveway and crunches the side of the bed on the truck. this isnt a ding but but a large caved in area.
    she leaves without somuch as a note left or anything.
    the people she was visiting seen the whole incident and she still drove away.
    i went to their house and asked if they had backed in to the truck and i found out the story i just typed above.
    i left these neighbors my phone number and asked if they would give this to her so she could call me.
    2 weeks later i go back by the house and they told me where she lives and her name.
    i go to the house and her brother answers the door and i give him my name and number and told him what happened and well its the next day and still no call.
    police have had 1 1/2 weeks to make a visit to get the same info it took me a few minutes to get and i'm left thinking there will be nothing done about this.
    had she left a note and fessed up to hitting the truck i would have let it drop as we could fix the bed ourself maybe she could have gave us a few dollars for materials and no one would be haveing to contact the insurance companies .
    the way she has reacted ( by no reaction ) shows me that she doesn't care.
    so i guess it's ok to back your vehicle into a car and drive away and nothing will come of it if you choose to ignore it?
    why is there even a term hit and run?
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    Thats just not right. I hate to hear that!!! I'd call and aggravate the cops several times a day until they did something about it. In no way is it your or your son's responsibility to fix it. That burns me up! :angry:
    We pay good $$$ in taxes for them to help out in situations such as that.
    Then again,maybe its legal in IL...:confused2:

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    Go to the states attorneys office and file a complaint on everything in general. You could also contact your insurance company and let them handle it. If you have insurance your company will fix it and go after the other party. The police dept has a responsibility to follow up on your complaint.
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    i had this happen and i had to go to the prosecuters office myself and file a complaint, it worked the guy was charged and paid for damages. it is almost legal thou he paid 100$ fine and court cost:confused2: