Hillsdale Lake in Kansas

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    well my dad, barbel, and I went down to hillsdale yesterday to bank fish on the roadbed. little did we know we were in for a pretty good night of catching variaties of fish. the first fish we caught was by me and it was an 11" black crappie, so we decided to keep it, the next fish came later on in the evening maybe around 9 or 10 oclock and i reeled in a 20" walleye weighing maybe around 4lb's, surprisingly i caught it off of a charchroose "charlie bee" by slider with a minnow on it. a short while after when we started to catfish my dad hooked into a nice little channel cat. but unfortunately around 130 a.m. we got tired, packed up and left. and that was our fishing adventure yesterday to hillsdale. :lol:
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    Good to know. Thanks for the info. Good report thanks.

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    yea sorry i couldnt get the article or pictures on here but if you get a leavenworth times it was in there, because it was my cousins birthday the morning they caught it, we are going down there this weekend. HOPEFULLLY WE CAN CATCH THAT FISH'S GRANDPA LOL