Hillsdale Lake flathead catfish

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  1. Wolvrine

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    St. Joseph, Missouri
    Hello to all of you "Kansas Catters"...my uncle lives down near Hillsdale Lake, and wants me to pull my boat down and go fishin'. I would like any info as far as flatheads go, as he has told me that he knows a few guys "trotline" it. How is the overall fishin' for flattys there? And what areas, bait are you using...Thanks
  2. kccatman76

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    flat fishin at hillsdale is fair on perch and xlarge shiners and if u drift hte flats with crawdads u might hook in to a big channel also

  3. 1mickymoo

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    Edgerton, Kansas
    Best chance in Hillsdale is cover near flats w/deep water close. Most of the channels(Big Bull arm) have heavy cover down both sides with a flat on at least one side. Be paitient and cast for large shad and try to keep them alive(you'll have to "hunt" the big bait, there are gazillions of babies). Stillfish quietly and if you don't get bit in 15 min or so, check your bait and hit a different stump. I've seen 80 + lb'ers, my biggest from there is 32. Good luck.