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  1. BrianD

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    North Carolina
    Did anyone here fish the Hill's tourny back in Nov? I was planning on it but couldn't make it. I was just trying to get an idea of what kind of turn-out might be expected for their tourn Mar. 7th & 8th. Thanks in advance............Brian
  2. rivercatsc

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    Brian I had to work so I didnt get to fish it. The weather was really nasty(windy) and I think they had about 20 boats show up to fish. The March tourney will draw a BIG crowd cause it is the weekend before the Cabelas Tournamnet out of Blacks. You can see the results for nov. on there website.

  3. santeefishhunter

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    Brian, I fished the tournament and I think that 30 some few boats fished the November event. The weather was terrible until time for the tournament to end. Jamie at Hill's puts on a great event. I plan on being there in March also. I hope to see you there and good luck and be safe. I'm suprised there was that many due to the wind this past November.
  4. lakemoultrieblues

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    We fished that one too. The weather was a bit nasty. I hope the weather is a little better for March. Those are some well run tournaments. The turnout should be much better for this one since it is not Deer season.