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HillJack Culling System

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Some of you witnessed my dumb butt only bring 4 fish to the scales at the Ringer tournament. That was not because I did not catch 5 fish, but due to me throwing too many fish back! Small channel cats can get pretty lost in a big livewell. After the event I thought about what I could do to prevent this from happening again. I decided I needed one of those culling systems they sell at the store. So I went to local stores and realized that they just plain cost more than they are worth!! Being the HillJack that I am, I now have a HillJack designed fish culling system!

**Just for the record, I have not searched the library for this item so if one already exists.......Great design !

It is so inexpensive and simple that you are not going to believe it. Now here is the disclaimer! If you are FISHING then you run a hook through a fishes mouth everytime you catch one, so don't get all upset when you see my design. I have discovered that 9 times out of 10 you can use the same hook hole to employ the HillJack Culling system.

You will need one of those cheapo metal stringers from any fishing section. They are less than $2.00! You will need 5 colored wooden beads (if you have kids this should not be a problem) and 5 small 4-6 inch zip ties.

Required Items

Step 2: Attach wooden bead to small end of the stringer clip with zip tie.

Step 3: Trim off excess zip tie.

Step 3: repeat!​

You now have the ability to weigh and record the weights of 5 different fish in your livewell. You can simply use a dry erase marker on your windshield or record the weights on a sheet of paper. No more guessing folks! This entire process will cost less than $4 and it will take about 5-10 minutes to construct!
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