highway 10 landing

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  1. Steven Armstrong

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    albert, whats the story on bait over at 10 landing or over at spainard creek? last winter we found bait all winter there at spainard creek but i haven`t heard if there is bait this winter or not
  2. tkishkape

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    Gore, Okla
    I have found shad almost every time I was looking for it out of Highway 10 landing. The area just on the other side of the tracks seems to be more consistant, but they're on the bottom in 27 feet of water.

    If that fails, wait until the early evening and watch for the shad flipping in the backs of the coves.

    I have heard that the bait is to be found at Spanyard Creek, but I have no personal experience there since winter set in. Shad is where you find 'em.