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Highest & Lowest Gas Prices in TN

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Check this out to see where the highest and lowest prices in the state are.
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Chattanooga Tennessee, one place (in East Ridge) had gas at $5.09. :eek: The news media got on it first thing this morning and shut him down. :D
A little Mom & Pop market (Palmyra Market) just up the road from me has it for $2.53. I saw a Texaco truck delivering gas there yesterday, so if they can sell fresh bought gas for that, then everyone else is ripping people off. The station a couple of miles up from them is $2.95. The people jacking up their prices may profit in the short term, but their regular customers are going to remember what they did and may start going elsewhere.
If they can rip you off with the gas they will as long as the people let them.
Clarksville,TN has risen over $.50 in the last 4 days. Most are at $2.95. SAM's has it for $2.80 but you must be a member. Fort Campbell has closed all there fuel sites down. :cursing:
Here in Cincinnati Ohio Tuesday gas was 2.62 at most places around town and i filled all of my vehicals up that night Wendsday gas was 3.09 havent went out yet today may be hire today.But if gas is this high just think what else we are going to be watching go up in price food,hardware supplies and everything else gas is just the start.
As long as we keep buying no matter what the price,gas will keep going up. If we stick together and buy ONLY what we absolutely NEED, the price will go down to a resonable level. We might have to stop fishing and hunting for a while. Stop attending ball games and movies and many other non necessary activities that involve driving. However, the gas companies are smarter than we are. They know we will keep on keeping on with most of our wasteful lifestyles. They will get richer while we just murmur all the while pumping away. JMHO

whatever it takes

1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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