High water in river, where to fish?

Discussion in 'All Catfishing' started by walexa07, Sep 23, 2008.

  1. walexa07

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    West Monroe, Louisiana
    Due to Gustav and Ike, we have high water in the ouachita river, 4 feet below flood stage. Water in the river is running fast too. We primarily jug fish, but have been the last 2 weekends with little luck. The water has crested, and should just begin to fall about 1/10' per day beginning Friday. Otherwise it has been rising fast 2 weekends ago and still rising some this last weekend. We are fishing with frozen shad and cold worms. Has it just been too much fresh water?

    The river I am referring to is the Ouachita river near Monroe, La. Open to any tips. Thanks in advance.

  2. catoon

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    hey go to flooded feilds and floded trees and stuff the cats will be in there eating like crazy man maybe a foot or so

  3. Ghosth

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    North Dakota
    Fish the quiet water edges, 1 - 3 feet of water.
    Also small feeder creeks and gullys could be good.

    Nightcrawlers are good in high water, as they are already up eating them in the shallows.
  4. Poppa

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    Pinson, Al
    Some of my best fishing ever has been in flooded river conditions. Get out
    of the main river where the current is so bad and go up the flooded creeks
    and back water. The cats will be there gorging themselves on anything living
    or dead washing into the creeks. I once had a big flathead throw-up a baby
    rabbit in my livewell under flooded conditions. You might have waited to late
    if the river has started to fall. Sometimes the cats just stop biting when the
    river starts to fall. But maybe not I hope you wear them out. Good luck and
    be careful in the high water.