High Water Fishing Question

Discussion in 'LOCAL NORTH CAROLINA TALK' started by floundahman, Sep 2, 2008.

  1. floundahman

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    Well we finally got a bunch of rain, and it looks like we're in for a bunch more. Now that the water is up, Where do the cats go? Should I be fishing the tributaries (creeks) rather than the river or lake? I fish from the bank. Though I'm glad we got the much needed rain, I'm afraid I might have a tougher time finding the fish. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks.
  2. catman4926

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    I always the better fishing on the fall in the mouth,s of the creeks

  3. Ghosth

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    Well high water changes everything, thats a given.
    But while it takes away some things it gives you others.

    When the Red flooded here in Fargo we found where it had flooded a tent camping site in a city park. Short mowed grass, 2 - 3 feet deep in water. Carp and cats were up in that calmer water feeding aggressively. Was one of our better outings. Casting tended to spook fish that shallow, so small weights, and a underhand flip presentation worked the best.

    Also its hard to beat nightcrawlers in flooded conditions.

    Holes that hold fish in low water are going to be difficult to impossible to fish in high water. And very likely won't have many fish in them. Look for calm water deep enough to let fish rest and feed.
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    I have never had good luck when there is a significant rise or fall in water levels. Some folks say to fish mud lines, but for me and how I fish it does not work. Tried it many times, but I am missing something in the combo.

    This last rain made fishing tough for several days, but once the water came back down and cleared up a bit the fishing started picking up. It will probably continue to get better until we get slammed again this weekend.
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    take it from a wise fat man go shallow 10ft or less there is a lot of oxygen in this water after a lot of rain and the water is a lot cooler the bait will move into this water also the roundhill
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    dont be afraid to fish as shallow as a foot deep.when it floods cats come up into flooded fields to feed on any and all things that crawl out of the groung or get washed off the bank.dont look for to many flatheads up in the shallows but more so in the eddys just off main river current.
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    i dont like high water ...spreads the fish out...on the neuse i like low water .....better yet even low water that is rising slightly......i have a hard time catching bait if the water is up in the swamps.......

    several people mentioned catching catfish in flooded fields........yes....brings up memories on the haw when i was a kid.......when the haw river got way up in the trees you better not have a boat in there......channle of the river will be screaming fast.....parts up in the trees will be dead calm......we would walk down the edge of the water and flip nightcrawlers up againsg trees that were usually dry but now had 1 - 3' of water around them.......we would wear out the channel cats and bullheads..........i always liked that.....they were getting oout of the fast water and also to feed in the shallow spots..........havent done that in a long time.......mack