High Speed Penn ?

Discussion in 'Fishing Reel Review' started by Flamekeeper, Nov 15, 2007.

  1. Flamekeeper

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    Louisville, Ken
    I don't fish Penn Reels,I had one long ago,it disappeared. But.....

    Will anybody that owns a Penn 310 GTi High Speed 4.3:3 share your likes and dislikes on this reel.

    My son just picked one up from a fella. Looks tough, Just wondering?

    What size line would you recommend ? and length of rod/action ?

    sure appreciate it.
  2. tnkatman

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    Bluff City, TN
    I have a 310 gti and I really like it, I think it's more difficult to cast than an Abu but to cure that problem I think you need to use at least a 2 oz. sinker to be able to cast it good or at least that's what I use. I use 25 # Berkley Big Game mono. on a 7 1/2 ft Jim Moyer rod. This set up works well for me. I hope you like the reel, they are great reels once you get use to them.

  3. Coyote1

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    Dear Brother Kenny;
    It's been a few years for me too but if memory serves, and at my age it sometimes does not, this reel is one of the lighter bait casting reels of the Penn line. It should hold about 300 or so yards of 15 to 20 pound test line and even more strength if your using one of the newer braids.
    I think if you put one on one of the Shakespeare Big Water Casting Rods say in an 8' to 10' length and either a medium heavy or Heavy action you should be O.K. with it. If I were to use that setup on the "Mighty Ohio" and I was going for "Trophy" sized {{ 60#+}} I would go with the braid line because I would want to keep that 300 yard capacity but have more strength so I could "horse" a "BIGGUNN" away from fallen timber, submerged rocks, ect, that those HUGE ones just love to wrap a line around and break it if possible while laughing at you as they swim away! :angry: I HATE that when it happens! So, I usually have my equipment set for fairly heavy duty. Yes, it's a bit of overkill at times, but then again, I feel right at home with it when I am out on "BIG MUDDY"!:big_smile:
    My complaint about this reel would be the smallness of it's capacity for those "Trophy" sized "Blue's" on some of the waters in this country but as far as the Penn name itself, I can't complain about mine. So far that is!:wink: As for the rod, go to Cabela's, that way if you ever do have a problem you have a reputable dealer to back you up. But truthfully, I've never really had an trouble with my Shakespeare Rods and I consider them one of the "Best Bang's for the Buck".
    I might also mention that we have a couple of BOC Sponsors that are custom Rod Makers and you might look them up as well as look over their products too. Just a hint.:wink:
    If I can be of further assistance please don't hesitate to contact me, or any of the other BOC Brother's or Sister's for that matter. Helping each other is what we are all about as I am sure you have already found out. :big_smile:
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    Hope this helps ya out.
  4. griz

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    Murray Ky.
    I spool my 310GTI with 30lb Sufix Seige, as for the rod, it is mounted on an 8ft, heavy action, St. Croix Classic Cat. The only dislike I have is the 4.3-1 ratio, I mostly bank fish with some fairly long casts and the 4.3 ratio a little slow unless you got a fish on.
  5. stumpjumper

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    Dallas, GA

    I had two of these reels, unfortunately one is laying on the bottom of Lake Marion:angry: My remaining reel is actually not working too well. It it starting to stick when I reel it in. Something with the gearing that I can not figure out. It casts fine. I still think for the money they are great reels, my other combos are GTOs. I use 80# Calcutta braid on 7 1/2 ft Jim Moyer Boss rods with my Penn reels.
  6. Flamekeeper

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    Louisville, Ken

    Hope your doing fine Mark,

    How many of them flats you catch this year?> I fished mostly for blues ,but I ended up with 2 or 3 can't remember lol, but I caught plenty of the blues:wink:

    One of them FAT-Heads jerk that pole over the side HUH?:smile2::smile2:

    Did you ever try to take that reel apart to see if you could find and or fix the problem yourself ?. just wondering..