Hige wind go or dont bother

Discussion in 'Deer Hunting' started by bigcatkev, Nov 6, 2009.

  1. bigcatkev

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    Was wondering what everyone thinks about hunting in high wind. I live in Indiana and its supposed to be 20 mile hr. winds in the morning. For me personaly i never see deer when its really windy. Any suggestions or comments.
  2. Welder

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    Hunt low ground creek beds with thick brush. Or find protected spots like bluff walls and vallys that shelter the wind. Deer hole up to get out of it and all the noise can make it easy to get close to em on a stalk if ya can spot em layen. Dont overlook glassen high grass on the lee side of hills if ya spot one stalk cross wind on the hill side. A windy day ant ment for sitting its ment for spotting and stalking.

  3. Colsrob

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    Ohio, Columbus
    The deer don't disappear just because of high winds. They are still there, but it's harder to find them. You will just have to work a little harder, not give up.
  4. 223reload

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    Hunt the wind,Look in the protected places,and walk em up with the wind in your face,If I felt like hunting during high wind was a bust here I'd never hunt. We average 4 out of 7 days each week YEAR ROUND over 10mph.:wink:
  5. lance

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    I thought the mid west was always windy ? Anyhow can't kill one from the couch ( In most cases ) !:wink:

    KATTERMAN New Member

    i am with troy high winds is for spot and slalk,
  7. restorerancientiron

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    Cadiz, KY
    I agree with the spot and stalk.Deer do move in high winds but they move very slow and cautiously.There is one situation where I have stand hunted during high winds , but everything must be right.I have had a stand on the highest point watching a thick bedding area.I have noticed during windy conditions the deer will move on the sides of the ridge and very slowly.They almost look for a minute before making each step.One thing is for sure the spot and stalk will result in more deer seen but if you don't want to spook a trophy you have pinpointed I would stand hunt close to his bedding area with an overlooking view.I have seen good bucks during high wind but they will either be moving very slowly or running almost as fast as they can.If I had only one day to fill a tag I would stalk but if I had time I would simply wait the wind out.Also to consider is I only own 120+ acres with only about 70 acres wooded.So If I stalk I take a chance of educating every deer on my farm because I could cover it from one end to the other.Most people hunt farms larger than mine so stalking a small portion would not hurt.Just my opinion and good luck on whatever you decide.
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    One of my best hunts ever was on a windy day. It had snowed for a couple of days and the snow was hanging heavy in the trees. The wind came up pretty good and the snow started dropping out of the trees making the deer very nervious. They moved a lot that day and I saw way more deer then normal.
  9. flathead willie

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    Like others said, hunt the sheltered areas. The deer are still out there but they don't move as much. Stalking can be great in the wind. I leave the scope at home on windy days and just jump shoot them. Don't forget to check the small clumps of cover like a briar patch in an open field or open woods. Since they can't hear danger approaching, sometimes they head to where they can see all around themselves while still being hidden. A guy I know got a real nice 8 pointer when he jumped 4 deer from a weed patch no more than 15 feet across and 15 feet long. The only problem is, he shot the left antler off with a shot to the back of the head!
  10. fishinfreak19D

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    Pittston, PA
    i LOVE standing corn in the wind especially if i can find an unharvested late season field, thats where i find most of the ones i see in the wind, plus gettin close is real easy in corn
  11. jlingle

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    Altus, Okl
    When is the best time to hunt? Wind or no wind? Rain or no rain? Hot? cold?THE BEST TIME TO GO HUNTING, IS WHEN YOU HAVE THE OPPORTUNITY TO GO!!!!!!

    Let's face it guys, not everybody has the opportunity to pick and choose when they feel like hunting. If you've got an opportunity to go hunting, I say go. Several people here have already said it, but during high winds, hunt low. The deer are still there, they're still hungry & thirsty & horny. They're just not where you normally see them. Hunt low during the high wind. Trust me, I'm an okie.:wink: The wind always blows here.
  12. katfish ken

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    Deer are not rabbits they don't go to the hole, but seems that way in windy conditions. Stalk and Spot is the way to go in windy conditions. Look for the thickest cover you can find in the area you hunt. It may not be tall thickets. A weed field a small overgrown fence row or ditch often will give them a place to bed down out of the wind.
  13. team salmon

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    windy as heck here in kansas today but hunted anyways - this is what I have to say - seen the second largest buck of the season at 9:30 this a.m. and regardless of the wind had a doe broadside on a field edge at 11:00 a.m. she's lucky I didn't see her sooner or I'd be having back strap stakes wraped in bacon tonight - the moon is waining but temps still suck a"""! i'd say that the does aren't quit ready to bread yet by the reaction this doe had when she hit the sent of the old 69 and trophy buck - windy or not if ya have a hot doe (better if one of the early ones) go into esturus and you're not in the woods it's your loss - play the wind in your favor because the big boys will for sure - any day is a great day to hunt and if you hunt public ground like I do any day the other guy decides to stay home is a better day anyways - wind or no wind the rut will go on and if you're not out there you could miss out on one of those days that will forever be remembered - do I cringe when I look at the forecast and it's 20 to 30 out of the south - HELL yes - but as for me I'll be tucked along the edges with the wind in my face looking at every little whole in the brush that a deer could come into - good luck everyone and remember there are those who make it happen and those who let it happen - don't let the wind, temps, or what other say make you decide to let the rut happen without you!!! good luck guys!!!:wink:
  14. Kip Brandel

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    Glasgow, Kentuc
    As many have said, hunt low protected areas. The reason you do not see as many during windy days is they tend to relax a little. The wind keeps them hidden better and they will lay in the grass until you get REALLY REALLY close some times. They are more jumpy and aware when they are moving around but without be able to hear they constantly check everything out visually.