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    as I was fishing yesterday catching shad and herring. every one who got close to my boat. I ask them about were they a member of the BOC. if they didn't know about it. I told them of what a great sight it is. and told them where to go online to join. I hope we will soon have a lot more members. by the way, the shad and herring were not biting as good this time as they were last time. if you need bait fish. better go and get them soon. have a blessed day.
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    Steve, the B.O.C. once had business cards we could get and pass out to fellow fishermen. You may ask a moderator if they still have them available. Also, there is a poster of the B.O.C. you can print on your computer and take to bait stores or similar places for display. You also get these by asking moderator. It just takes a little effort to get the word out and it seems as though you are making that effort.

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    No BOC cards at this time. I ask Ms Betty for some about a month ago and she said at this time they were out.Hopefully somemore will come in soon.