hi guys i,m back finally

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    it,s sooo good to be back i hope to get to the next gathering for those of you that dont know about the indiana justice system it sucks i just got out of prison for child support (yes i know and they know you cant pay it if your in prison) but now they,ve changed the laws again so i,m tryin to get back on my feet and i also got divorced while in there , i,m living with famiy on catarac lake so i can give info on there when needed and will give updates on white river when i can hit it . i pray nobody else has to go thru this like i did ok you all be safe and catch alot :big_smile:
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    Whaz up Brian. Glad to see you out of the pokey. Hope you get your situation straightened out so you can get back to fishin and enjoyin life.

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    Central In
    brian, i dont know you personally, but i do know where your coming from! a few years back i got laid off, and got 1400 behind in just 2 months! they wanted to put me in jail for it, luckily the kids' mom pushed for me to stay out. she dont really want anything to do with them anyway, so the longer i stayed free, the more she could just drop them off anytime.. it actually worked out good in my case, i got caught up, actually paid ahead a bit, and went to court.. i now have full custody of my son (3), and he lives with me full time, and i have joint custody of my daughter(7), and she is moving in before school starts!

    im not sure exactly what the charges are in indiana for being behind, but i do have friends in KY, and they've told me that its actually a felony, everytime you drop 1000 behind.. that could get extremely hard to deal with there.. :embarassed::embarassed:

    anyways, glad to see you back on here! keep safe, and good luck on the water!:cool2: