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    I Don't know how many of ya'll chum for cats ,but I have started to try to improve my methiods .I will start with a little history .Most of the time when I go fishing I start with a fly rod and my home made flys ,I catch a lot of small fish on a two weight and keep a few big ones for the pan and feed some to an old owl thats follows my boat and keep some for bait.I like to save meat and fish scaps at home for chum I also chop up and trash fish I get. I freese this mess and tie it into old cotton onion sacks [biodegradable ] and but in a hunk of rock or brick . These I wil put out near a dead fall or likely cat hold .I will drop two in differant spots and fish the frist for an hour or so and then put out another somewhere else and go back to the second spot .Boy I am catching more fish than ever .I also flip the fly rod while waiting for a bite . I always put out one rod with a live bait and one with dead [liver or hot dogs maybe fried chicken skin or shrimp ] Works good last along time.
    I know if I stopped drinking so much coffee I might be able to sit still longer but what the heck I like it.
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    the only chuming i have done has been for sharks.i guess im gonna have to give it a try.has ant one ever chumed for flatheads and if you have what works.