Hey Mister, you owe me!

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    Was gonna post this in the Sisterhood of Saints because it started out in my mind as womens haircuts. Thought it might get expanded out here if we involved the guys with hair on their chins. (That was in no way a reference to women on here) I am talking about those furry and not so furry faced guys.

    Was not in the mood to be on BOC last night so I spent some quality time with my missus. We actually had a conversation. As some of you know Nancy has her own cleaning service. One of her clients runs a beauty shop. Nancy gets her hair cut there also. (An aside here-have any of you guys ever helped clean a beauty shop? Man I'll tell ya, some of the things you find cleaning one of those joints) Anyhow, Nancy likes to keep her hair short, therefore she gets her hair cut frequently. She has it stripped with some kind of die when they are done. Don't know what this is called, only know it makes her look like pigeons from Mr Pits loft have flown over. We got into how much Nancy tips the beauty shop gal after she gets this amazing process done. "Oh, I always give her 5 bucks on top of her charrge," Nancy says. Fine and dandy I am thinking. You know me I don't like to cause controversy, so I let it slide.

    I haven't been to a barber in 24 years, since I married Nancy. She cuts my hair for me. I don't get any a die job. I don't know what they even charge for haircuts here. I wouldn't even begin to know how to tip one of those guys. Maybe a lot if he didn't have onion breath.

    We rarely go out to eat and there are very few places we go that I would consider tipping anyone. I am tight. Haven't even sent in to get my starshine yet.

    What is the "de rigueur (sp) for tipping you guys do? With the price of goods and services going up all the time 15 % of anything anymore adds up.

    I never got tipped as a Veterinarian. Got a lot of booze and cookies at Christmas for saving peoples pets lives. I figured this was a Thank you more than anything. Also told me if they brought in something like that I wasn't charging enough so I would raise my prices the next year. Got slipped extra money doing landscape or planting trees several times because they liked the job.

    So how do ya do it? Like my wife I won't argue with you.

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    south carolina
    i know it is customary to leave a tip, but now-a-days, the service is so lousy that most of the time i dont feel the need or want to tip someone. if someone does a very fine job i will tip them, but if they do the bare minimum, then thats what they will get. as far as getting my hair cut, well i have to maintain a haircut and must get one once a week. if they do it right and make me look good, then i will tip them a couple of bucks, if they mess it up completely, i will tell them to either fix it or not get paid. so i know what you mean john. no-one really cares about their jobs anymore, more specifically those who deal with people everyday (i.e. wiaters, barbers, automotive mechanics, etc.)

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    i will tip if the service is excellent, therefore when we eat out (which is often cuz she don't cook that much ne more since we got married-that's how she relled me in- i know sucker)but she pays all the time so i don't mind. Everywhere we go, they know us(small town)therefore the service is 99% of the time excellent, probably because they know we tip good:wink: but we only tip good cuz of the service!!!!!so it works out just fine-seems like whenever e go someplace new or out of town we never leave a tip cuz the service is lousy-maybe just in the big city!!!:eek:oooh:
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    if i get exceptional service, i'll tip usually 2-3 bucks for my meal. usually for average, what ever tax on meal is i round off to nearest dollar and leave that. (unless waitress is really cute. :wink:)
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    i either go one extreme or the other. if i dont like the srevice, or the server, then i wont leave a dime. if i do like the food/service, or server, then i will leave a hefty 20%. service aint allways that great these days so i figure i average 10% tips on everything. makes sense right? I ALLWAYS TIP MY BARBER, AND LOCAL BAITSHOP!!! unlike poor joey, i only get my haircut every 2 weeks now. it wouldnt pass inspection by usmc regs, but its pretty close. my barber still shaves my neck with a straight blade and he does a good job, so i tip him well. my fav. boat launch/ bait shop has given me much much insight into the patterns of fish. mainly because the guy who owns/runs it, catches his own bait. there have been times that i have pulled up to the launch with no lifejackets and he has let me borrow his. one time i left my wallet at home, he ran me a tab... w/ discount. heck, i have even used his icechests for the weekend. so i allways tip him.
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    I have worked for tips befor. And you know what? I loved it.I would make 50-150 dollars aday.I was a porter/bellboy at a high end hotel.They gave me booz, and one time someone gave a small bag of spices, not sure what it was:wink: one of my favorite tricks was to look at the persons bags and see whare the were from.And pretend to be from just down the road. Most of the bellboys could name a small town from any state.
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    Ohh I forgot. I aways tip!!
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    North Caro
    I've learned to tip...

    My husband if he's snoring.....

    out the other side of the bed.
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    North Caro

    I do tip, as others have said, if the service is good.

    The ones that get me are the cups with a paper taped to it that says "TIPS". This is usually at the checkout, particularly in those coffee places, or the like. Nope..ain't gonna do it.

    Buffets... if they keep my drink filled, fresh bread on the table and check on us. I think a modest tip is ok. The customary 15 percent, nope.

    Haircuts, did they "squeeze" me in? Take thier time? Cut it like my kid might do? It's all in the service.

    I'd rather give that kid at the table next to me the tip if he doesn't squall and throw his green beans at me! :smile2:
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    Sherman IL
    Been years since I been anywhere to get a haircut. Wife bought a set of clippers and they've paid for their selves many many times over (She even shaves the back of my neck :big_smile:).

    For Dinner, if the service is good, I like to tip at least 15%. They are working for tips, as their hourly wages are usually peanuts.

    Whenever I run across someone that takes pride in their work, I LIKE to tip them what I can.

    I used to go to Chicago quite a bit for work. Parking is really crappy there. There was 1 lot I went to first. It was a few blocks away, but the older Jamaican fellow that manned it could not be beat. He always greeted me with a smile and a few kind words. If the lot was pretty full, or there were say more than 2 people there trying to park or get their car, he'd say just leave it and he would take care of it. I seen him out in single digit cold cleaning peoples windows (including mine) of snow and ice so their cars would be ready to roll whenever they showed up. I once stayed all nite up there and you had to valet park at the hotel. Got the car back next day and it had been ransacked. Console, glove box everything.. All the change from the ash tray gone, etc etc.. At his lot, I once forgot a $20 I threw in the floor console of my truck, got the the truck back and it was still there untouched along with all the change.... I used to tip that guy quite a bit anywhere from $5 to $10, cause after driving 3.5 hours and fighting Chicago traffic it was alway a relief to pull into his lot and see a smile.
  11. Ol Man

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    I'd classify both of those, tips... for services rendered.
    I tip anywhere from 15-20%
    I tried being normal once . . .I didn't like it.


    George is the type of tipper that leaves a tip no matter how bad the service is, I have tried for several years to get him to tip me for all that I do for him. Of course that didn't work out. LOL

    My granddaughter-in-law is a cocktail waitress at a casino here in town and she makes more money from tips than she does her paycheck. This Christmas a guy and his wife tipped her $550.00, told her thay had a good year and said she always takes good care of them.

    I tip acorrding to the service.
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    Fort Worth, Tex
    I always tip as long as the service is good, people tip me very well in my lawn care business cause I go out of my way to make sure the customer is taken care of properly. :wink:
    I do things for most of my customers and not even charge them for it so when it comes time to collect, they always leave me a little extra.
    As far as getting my hair cut, I cut my own hair and it's always shaved when I do.
    I usually tip 15 to 20%. :big_smile:
    I used to be a cheuffeur and I drove some very famous people, (Troy Aikman, Reba McIntyer, Terry Bradshaw, Clint Black )ect.
    Troy was my best tipper, I always got $250 from him even if I drove just to the airport.
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    I don't tip my present barber!
    But I never tipped the one before... in fact I have never tipped a barber.

    And my present barber is the best I've ever had. In fact she's been cutting my hair for 48 years. I don't only not tip, I don't even pay. :eek:oooh:

    Failed to mention but my barber is my wife. Back when she started cutting my hair I wore a flatop. At first she had some problems cutting the flattop... it would turn out round or with valleys. But I didn't complain and as the years went by she got pretty salty with those clippers.:cool2:

    We (my wife handles the credit card, LOL) tip restaurant servers according to service.. 0 for poor service, 20%+ for good service. No poor service for we have our regular servers at the local restaurants. On trips we see some poor service.
    Baggage handlers, buck a bag.
    Also wife never tips her hairdresser but she gives him a nice gift certificate at Christmas.
  15. poisonpits

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    normily tip 10% but for haircut i dont tip.man charges me 12.00 dollars and im never in the chair longer than 10 min.haircuts average out at a little over 60 dollars an hour and thats 50 dollars an hour to much.
  16. ryang

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    Blacklick, Ohio
    Wife and I will start at %20 but it goes down if the service is bad. I dont tip for haircut either since my wife chops it down to nuthen and I shave it (spring/summer/fall) for winter I have about 1/2 for some insulation :smile2:
  17. 223reload

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    I usually leave a buck or two if the service was good ,but if it aint ,nuthin. and for the haircut ,I usually tip my self with a cold brew after I'm done ,Got a wahl buzzsaw and a1/4" comb,I just buzz off whats left of what I got .
  18. JimmyJonny

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    My haircut cost me $10 and I give her $2 extra. I do it because she is good, I enjoy the conversation and they don't make a lot unless they own the shop.

    Restaurants, well my wife has been working for Chili's Restaurant for 17 yrs. She is the highest paid worker in the history of Chili's. What people don't realize is that they only make about $2 per hour. And if you have state taxes then you don't ever see that $2 a hour, uncle Sam gets it. The other thing that " cheap folks" don't realize is that waitresses have to claim a % of there check out money regardless of what their tips were.

    Waitresses weren't claiming all their taxes so the IRS has clamped down on the restaurant people. This is how it works... if your total bank roll is $500 for the night you give Chili's their money ( your check-out) you have to claim a % of that $500 NOT what the tips are.

    So if some cheap @$$e$ want to be waited on hand and foot but don't want to tip because they feel their meal costs enough then you are costing the people who serve you money out of their own pocket. Maybe something with a drive through window is more suitable.

    But hey, if the service stinks well then I wouldn't tip them either. But thinking the restaurant is making enough money and not tipping, well that's pretty inconsiderate.
  19. flaboy

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    Wedgefield, SC
    I usually tip $1.00 for medogre service, more than 10% if it was good.
    I just hate the fact that the serving staff is NOT paid a fair salary for their work! It should be illeagal for a resturant to pad their pockets while the staff struggles! the prices are high enough that they could pay their help.
    a tip is a reward for good work NOT to make up for some cheepskate boss to get rich off of his workers.:angry:
    oh, I cut my own hair, $17.95 for a electric trimmer.
    hey my puppy likes it:smile2: specially when I have a treat in my hand:big_smile:
  20. BKS72

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    East of KC
    I tip at least 20% and usually a little more, since I like to round off the total (16.44 will get a 3.56 tip to make an even $20). Better service might get a bigger tip, but I very rarely tip much less because chances are as JimmyJonny said, the person in question isn't making great money to begin with and they've probably had to put up with a bunch of aggravating people all day, putting them in a bad mood by the time I get there:eek:oooh: I eat out a LOT since I travel so much and I've seen a lot of people treat service people terribly.

    I usually go to one of the chain haircut places (try to find a regular barber shop these days) and the girls there usually make an effort at conversation and with as little hair as I have, it's pretty hard to screw it up. I tip there. I tip cab drivers when I need a cab. I used to have my laundry done a lot at the wash and fold places and tipped the people there. If it's a position that doesn't customarily get a "tip" per se, I have been known to call or send an email to their company and/or supervisor saying what a great job they've done.

    Doesn't take much money or time and with all the hassles we all have at work, if I can make someone's life a little easier I'm all for it.