Hey folks, MrShadetrees' return to the BOC

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    Buffalo, WV.
    Just wanted to say hello, and let you all know I am back in action partially, I have been laid up for the last year with my physical conditions, im not doing much better but thanks to some new meds that are making the pain more tollerable so i can get out and about a little more! So planning to fire up the boat and get back in the water... just need some help from you folks!!!

    So where could I get this cat-fishing season started form this late in the season?
    I live in Buffalo, 3 blocks from the boat launch, this will be my main launching point but will to go upstream and launch from Poca launch if need be to get to more active waters..assuming someoen is willing to give up a descent location for me to get my season started this late... and in addition to where maybe soem bait suggestions for this year would be great as well, a si hav eliterraly not had a pole in the water since midsummer last yr when physical got the best of me.....

    So if your willing to assist a fellow Wv'r then all help would be greatly appreciated... thanks in advance for all those that can /will assist with information!