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    I just received a phone call from MRR. He is presently working in Valdosta Georgia if i understood him correctly. Anyway, he is 15 minutes from the Florida State line. Boss says he will be there until at least the end of Febuary.He loves the weather,sweatin his backside off at a mild temp of 71 degree's. I told him about our snowstorm,which he was aware of cause Louisana got it too. Anyway He asked me to contact you all and request a favor. He is in a Motel down there of an evening bored out of his mind. He wants any BOC member that would like to do so give him a call just to visit. He can be reached by calling area code 229-244-8510 he is in room 157 extension 124. He was in a very good mood so it appears to me that all is well,he just doesn't have a computer so he can be in contact with us and he misses being able to do so. He's not wanting to put anyone out as he said the call would be free. I presume he ment if ya use your cell phones to call. So lets be a family and help keep the brother from goin stircrazy what do ya all say?:big_smile_2: