Hey Doughboy (and others too) a question for you sir.

Discussion in 'All Catfishing' started by Sunburn, Sep 7, 2006.

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    I just read with great interest your post about jug fishing at Salt Fork and the good luck you had there. I too fish Salt Fork a good bit but never have put out jugs there. Question is: what kind of jugs do you use? I've in the past found that 2 litre soft drink bottles, stripped of the wrapper and painted has worked well for me. If they have a draw back at all it's that they are indeed bulky. You can understand how 10 or 15 of them would take up a ton of room in ones boat. Thanks for any info you might offer. Phil...
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    I am working on 20 jugs right now and they fit nicely in a large camo duffel I got at wally world a few years back. My problem has always been with line and hook storage, but I think I have got that figured out. I bought some cheap small noodles[64 cents] cut them into 2 inch pieces and glued them on the caps of 2 liter pop bottles. I then drilled a small hole in the cap that the #36 staging would just fit though. After running the line through the cap from front to back I tied a couple of hard knots in the line so it won't come out of the hole. This way you can adjust how much line you want out by tying a slip knot inside the cap. For storing the line pull all but about a foot in the jug tie a slip knot put the cap back on and wind the rest aound the neck ofthe bottle and stick the hook in the noodle. I know thats more than you asked, just thought it might help. grizzly

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    Noodles are the only way to go. Small and compact. Easy to make. Check the library. There is a new addition there thats outstanding.
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    I have never tried this method of fishing but it does sound intresting..
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    i;m with you shane but i'm not sure if i want to try it though