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Hey Central ohio boys!

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I want to see who is in the central ohio area. I looking at making plans for a get together. I want to see who is interested in coming. Let me know. :D
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hey clarence just let me know when you get things going :006:
Clarence we still havnt met up, this weekend is a bust for me but after that I should be able to out
I might be interested, depends on the location.
Hey, I know a big sexy guy named Tea that lives around central Ohio and he is game. LMAO
Pick a spot with some BIG catfish, and some little ones for me to catch!

I was out and about and seen Hoover is down by 10 feet, Buckeye is down a few and real nasty scum on it. Dillion is still down a little but still deep. Does Dillion lake sound like a good place and who owns boats or does everyone want to bank fish?? Also are we going to do a pot luck or just come to fish?
LMAO Dave, I will join ya for those little ones. I have had no luck this year.
Clarence: I am interested in coming, as long as I can get away. If so, will be bringing boat.
No boat here what day are you planning on or is that still in the air?
It is still in the air, just wanted to see when everyone was free. Can anyone start letting me know some kind of date you guys can be free? I was thinking about a fri night/Sat night?
Only thing I got is then Hank Jr concert the 26th and a big Hold Em tournament the 28th. That weekend would not be good for me.
This weekend will be no good for me either I have my last yaaaaaaaaayyy Reserves weekend almost any other weekend should be good
we're going out to scour hoover a bit tonight(thursday).
i'll let you all know how it goes.
we are about 3 minutes from the scioto at the bethel rd. bridge.i REALLY wish they would quit dumping raw sewage into that beautiful river!there has been a "don't eat"warning here for a few years now from about 161 south.maybe a new governor would help :crying: .
Eric B
So hunter does that mean your free any weekend? I see a few of you are booked. We can go out to next month if we have to maybe the lake will be fill up a bit more. Just let me know. If I can get enough to commit to a date we will go with it.
well desperado,as of right now the only thing that is keeping us off the water more is the price of gas!pick the time and place and i'll do all i can to join you!business has been really slow,and so has the dough.
we hit hoover last night and struck out on cats :sad: and to make matters worse i lost a whopper of a muskie! :cursing: !AAAHHHHH!!!!! i will never use cajun red line again!the worst part of all is i just topped off the spool of my baitcaster to get a bit more distance.under it was 50# spider hit on a 6" chub and i have never heard a bobber go pop like that when something hit it!had it to the top once and caught a glimpse before it shredded the line.
the hoover curse lives on!
if we hit the water remind me to tell you about the buffalo sucker that scared the livin daylights out of the ex wife,she never fished again!
Eric B
by the way,no boat here,but i have a couple of distance rods.
You name the place and the time and I'll be there!
I'd be interested in Saturday night. Not for sure but more than likely. I've never fished Dillon how is it?
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