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    Long time you hear from you - This is Alan Weinbrenner, remember the good old days at Tabor. I see you are still enjoying some of the things we did in our spare time when not studying. My family and I live in McPherson where I work for the City. I happened upon this website by chance and then joined, and now found you are here as well. Have you had a chance to fish marion this year? What are you doing these days in Hillsboro? I would pm you, however, I don't have the 10 posts yet.

    This is my first post on this website. It seems a lot different from the ones i usually visit, however, they are classified.

    I can be reached at PM me.

    KS_coyotee (alan)

    Please reply
  2. Blast from the past. Yeah I have been on Marion reservior several times. Not too many Walleyes but cats and wipers are plentiful.

    Mac huh? I will give you a call this weekend and we can jaw. Great to hear from you.