Discussion in 'Turkey Hunting' started by cook, Sep 19, 2005.

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    Plattsburg,Mo.(near K.C.)
    On the way to work Sun. morning,saw 4 turkeys on the edge of a field about 8 a.m...I thought,cool,that starts the day off nice.On the way home,about 5 p.m.,saw the same 4 in the same field,except they were a lot closer to the road and putting on a show.
    I couldn't tell in the a.m.,but it was clear they were all adult gobblers.In the 20 seconds or so that I could see them,they were all puffing out and fanning,struting around like no tomorrow.

    Is this normal fall behavior,will the adults group up with the same sex this early?

    Anyways,that and a Chiefs win made for a good Sunday. :D

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    Lawson Missouri
    Cook, yeah, the gobblers will group up in mid-summer and go into feeding mode. They willl strut/gobble/fight in the fall to establish dominance. Turkeys are constantly establishing dominance in the woods. Food is for survival and to invade anothers territory is asking for a fight. Can't count the number of times I've called in fall gobblers strutting/gobbling for others that said fall birds don't gobble/strut. They are all believers now. LOL!!!!!!!! The gobblers are EVERYWHERE this fall, we've had 5 EXCELLENT hatches in a row where I'm from and I've never seen 'em this thick before!!!!!!!!! Gonna' make for a great opener on October 1st. Was great seeing the Raiders self-destruct like always last night. LOL!!!!!!!! God bless.

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    shawnee kansas
    my sister goes to ku in lawrence ks and we live about 40 minutes away and on the way there i always see these two toms. one day they would be in this green field, the next they would be on this little ridge about 50 yards from the road. i have seen one of them about 10 feet from the road, it was cool, he is a huge bird too. its funny how they are always in those two spots. how about them chiefs, yea