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Hesperia Lake

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A good lake for eaters and also some double digits. As a matter of fact, they have been putting out more doubles and 20-30 pounders than any other cat lake the past two seasons in So Cal. A good lake to look into and is cheaper than the other pay lakes.
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Im going to hit that lake before this seasons over for sure. It use to be a family favorite when i was younger-
ANy tips you can give would be much appreciated...spots, baits, boat or no boat needed?? or maybe even when u hadin back out...when i do head out, definately going to be an overnighter or possibly a weekend trip.
You do not need a boat there. Its about the size of sarl cat lake or even smaller. Same tactics that works at sarl is used but the lake is much smaller. You will want to cast as far to the island as possible. The north shore area is good. Also finger point. I was thinking of going tonite but will have to lay low due to the budget for a little while. Proboly will not get out except once before the gathering and I was thinking of going to Sutherland for that.
bluehunter said:
I was thinking of going tonite but will have to lay low due to the budget for a little while.
Thats why im so SARL orientated, 5 minutes away...a few chunks of mack and $18 to get in...pretty cheap considering most other lakes are alot farther and would require more planning and possibly camping or a boat rental.

Bt yeah, ill definately check it out before the end of next month for shizzle :cool:
I went there Trout fishing this past April and my lady and I limited out in a couple of hours. The only thing I have to get use to is them keeping tabs on your catch every hour. They come around and have a clipboard and mark how many fish you have caught just in case you decide to "hide" some without sayin' nothin'. I've wanted to catfish that lake all summer because of the "pounder's" that I have read people catching out of there.

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