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  1. laidbck111

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    Ok guys the old shop I used to get herring from is no longer there. Can anyone tell my of another place to pick-up herring close to I95? Thanks for your help in advance.
  2. flatheadchris

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    kinda hard to find herring around here sometimes,my local shop has frozen herring but thats about it.[pickens,sc]

  3. i dont remember the name of the place but, it is in eutawville across the
    street from bell marina on highway 6. they have live herring as well as frozen.
  4. jim

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    Jacksonville NC
    Benji are you taliking in NC or SC?If SC then just about any fish camp has herring around Santee.I dont know where you can get it in NC.:confused2:
  5. laidbck111

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    I was refering to SC. I do come down to fish Santee twice a year and use a very good guide. He of course always supplied the bait. The few times I did fish sans guide there was a shop down past the state grounds that had the herring but the store is gone and houses are there now. Thanks for all of yalls help.
  6. laidbck111

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    I hit the yellow pages on yahoo and found a couple of places that keep herring. I sent the guide I use an email and he sent me a reply with a couple of names he trusted and told me some of the places don't keep their bait tanks clean and the herring are barely alive due to disease. Thanks for everyone's help.
  7. TCALL

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    South Carolina
    Pack's Landing usually has herring in the summer months...but I'm pretty sure they quit getting it in the fall...