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    Well tonight I'm going fishing in Hermann, it's my Bosses lake (I'm guessing)
    There are supposed to be an abundance of Bluegill and Bass that I was told to toss in the woods, because there are to many. I can't see wasting fish like that, so would you suggest putting bluegill and bass on a stinger or putting on ice? I'm pretty new to fishing/ well keeping fish to eat; I don't want to clean them till i get home, i live about 45 minutes from the lake and i want to make sure i don't spoil the fish. My soon-to-be wife wouldn't be to happy if i poisoned her with bad fish.
    Any suggestions or responses please,
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    Poplar Bluff,MO
    as hot as it is outside you will need to either keep them alive until you clean them or put them on ice.