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    I am surprized that the EPA hasn't stopped by to see why the air quality is strange around here
    when I open it up for a test smell :roll_eyes:

    Basicly I start with a mix of real stiff doe.just flower and water mix to a real stiff consistancy.
    NUKE it for 40 seconds to try to remove most of the deep moisture content.

    Then take it out and put in a big bowl and spread it out over the bottom.
    MUSH up two hot dogs real mushy.
    add some garlic salt and power,some bacon bits,three or four nice big night crawlers(mushed up real good),
    then I add some soy sauce(to taste LOL),and some A-1 steak sauce,bacon bits,allitle Montreal steak seasoning(or what ever you might have on hand)
    Need all the above into a real nice dough ball(it takes a while) adding flour or VERY little water to keep it nice and sticky.
    Cover the bowl with some kind of plastic wrap tightly.
    Place it in freezer for about 30 0r 50 minutes till it gets nice and firm DON'T let it freeze !!

    Then place in sunlight for around four hours or so(un covered) then need it some more and add some more soy sauce and steak sauce
    just enough to make it ALITTLE moist on the out side.Take a pencil or what ever to poke a bunch of holes into the dough so that
    the stuff you just added will seap in to the center of dough......................Re-cover and place in fridge for a week or so.MAKE sure it is as air tight
    so it can ferment and I MEAN ferment LOL...........
    Then when your ready to get some out for the KITTIES need it real good and your ready to get some KITTIES for SURE.......

    NOTE: All the above are not measured out to any standards!!!!!!!!

    My new mix has all the bloody parts of the kitty I just cauhgt.It should
    be a KILLER mix. :crazy: