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I had thought Dan (Jesus Saves) would have posted some pictures already but he is probably still sleeping. You know how those young folks need their sleep. Lol

It was a long drive to the Ohio and back and doesn鈥檛 seem to be getting any shorter. But when we got there we did see one of the most beautiful morning skies I can remember. At my age that is at least a week or so. I posted this a minute ago but since it was so nice thought I would post it again.

Water Cloud Sky Atmosphere Afterglow

Taken by Dan (Jesus Saves)

I had been watching some YouTube video from Mike Greenwell. He was catching a few skip below the dam so, that is where we started. Mike has provided some good information about this area so if you have the time, check out his channel and maybe give him a 鈥淟ike鈥. Tell him twaskom sent you if you decide to post a comment. All the gates were spilling water and with the water rising, the current was moving and the water was brown with mud. We tried for a good half hour and although I did get a couple bumps, we ended up with nothing. Luckily, Dan had gone out the day before and had some fresh shad, crappie and a gill or two for bait. On one of our last casts for skip, I got a hard hit. And I mean a really hard hit On an Ugly Stik bait rod. It was a good sized Asian Carp that one of my small curly tail jigs had snagged. So, it wasn鈥檛 what we were hoping for but we had more than enough fresh bait.

Jeans Water Sky Fisherman Fish

If anyone is wondering from this background, we are looking at the dam from the upriver side so looking northwest thru the dam gates. The KY side of this dam has a good sized pool of calm water south of the gates (as shown below) and it is full of Asian carp.

Google Earth
Water Water resources Slope Island Urban design

Next we went looking for that big square rock where we had caught several cats in the past. Had a little issue with fishing that area because the barges were coming and going regularly and their path was close to where we wanted to be. And since the water was up, that big square rock was now a good current block for a big cat.

Times were tough and although we did find a few the bite was slow. At the end of the day here is the results.

Jeans Water Hat Boats and boating--Equipment and supplies Lake

Water Vertebrate Boats and boating--Equipment and supplies Lake Shorts

Water Jeans Sky Sunglasses Boats and boating--Equipment and supplies

Water Jeans Shoe Boat Sunglasses

Now although we didn鈥檛 catch as many this trip, the ratio was about the same. Two for me, one for Dan. It is just more proof that the gypsy tears I am adding to the bait, do work.

Tight lines all

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Looks like yuall had a great time I bet that snagged carp was a fight reeling in!
This is the second time I have snagged a big Asian Carp on that Ugly Stik. It surly is a good fight. Actually I was worried that he would get off the entire time. The first one I snagged several weeks before was good bait and accounted for several fish in the boat. As it turned out, the small jig hook bent and popped loose just as your dad got him in the net.

Glad to see there are still a few Blues left in the old Ohio, and you guys had a good trip.
There are a few left up here Jay. Although this trip wasn鈥檛 as good as our last, I haven鈥檛 found a bad day fishing yet. This was a short notice decision for me to go this time. The wife has some medical stuff happening tomorrow and I had planned on being home to help with some of the prep she has to do. But when Dan mentioned that he wanted to go I decided that there wasn鈥檛 much of anything I could help with on Saturday. And I wanted to see what Dan鈥檚 boat was like. I just wish it wasn鈥檛 such a long drive getting there.
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