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Discussion in 'Boat Tips' started by my4x4awd, Jul 29, 2006.

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    Well here it is. I have said that I was having boat trouble and that I really wasnt going to put any money into the rig I have now. So I found this older Starcraft and I think it will suit me better in the river. I started tearing out the floor today. I was thinking about using that 1/8 fiberglass they use for shower walls over the new marine plywood. It is solid fiberglass and wont rot. It only comes in white with a pebble surface, but Im wondering if this would be too slick when some catfish slime gets on it. Anyhow here it is.


    PS anybody know what that Oak board in the floor is for? I was thinking about not putting in back in.

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  2. teaysvalleyguy

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    Looks like a good hull to work with. Good luck brother, there have been many restorations on the BOC. Some great work, I am sure many can help ya.

  3. copycat

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    That will make a great catfish rig for sure! Good luck with it!
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    Boat looks good... Not sure about the Starcraft boats but it appears in the picture to be a storage compartment usually for ski's like i've seen in various boats......
  5. Mark J

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    You would be alot better off to just glass the marine ply with some 12 oz and epoxy.
    Using the shower stall material on top of it is going to creat a place to hold moisture.
    Marine ply is not impervious to rot. In fact, the tropical woods used in marine ply are less rot resistant then southern yellow pine. If its fir marine ply, it will check like the dickens and rot.
    There are other factors rarely discussed that make marine ply the only choice of wood to use in boats such as glue, lack of voids, sheer strength, compression strength, and weight.
    You can put any type wood in a boat and make it so it will never rot, but not many types of wood are available with the above characteristics.

    Marine ply is the only way to go in my book I just dont want to mislead people into thinking that marine ply means it wont rot (its a common misconception). The term marine ply has absolutely nothing to do with it rotting rather it has all to do with how its constructed.

    For 125 bucks worth of epoxy and glass , you can have a floor that will outlast your grandkids.
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    I am glad Mark showed up on this thread to give you some very valuable advise. Believe me, you do a half-assed job and your not going to be happy with it. Don't scrimp and scrounge so much your boat is worth less after you fix it than it is before you even get started. Bad jobs are hard to live with.
  7. crome

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    thats going to be a sweet rig,good luck.