Herd thinning today.....

Discussion in 'Deer Hunting' started by Cathooker, Oct 27, 2007.

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    Four of us went out this morning on my buddy's farm with the intention of shooting as many does as possible to help thin down the herd. We had a total of 38 doe tags between us so all we had to do was have the deer show up AND be able to hit em....lol.
    8:15 am... I kill a big mature doe.
    8:20 am....I kill another big mature doe.
    8:30 am....Jaimie kills a young doe.
    8:40 am.....Tommy kills a mature doe....

    Jake sees two small bucks and three does but the does never presented a shot. It was a beautiful morning...cold with a light frost on the ground, no wind, not a cloud in the sky and the deer were moving. We heard a LOT of shooting this morning. Two of the deer were donated to the "Feed the hungry program."
    Hope you all have great success this seaosn.
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    California Miss
    good job, glad to hear you had some luck. There is always need for some wildlife population control.

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    feed the hungry & hunters helping hunters program is deffinately a worthy cause. thanks for donating. Congrats on the successful hunt!