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Tie the end of your anchor rope to your boat cleat or attach a buoy to the end of the anchor rope. By doing this you will not lose your anchor and anchor rope.

When you are drifting, put your gear shift in forward. By doing this you keep the propeller from free spinning and picking up loose fishing line in the water and wraping around your propeller or propeller shaft.

Oil your reel every three months or so and put grease on your level wind. Also, you can spray some contact cleaner on your spool and it will help with curling of the line.

Retie your shock leader after every trip and this will save you some heartache when the big one hits and that nick in the shock leader breaks and the big fish says goodby.

If you are using braided line, check the inside of your guides and eye for wear (grooves) because after awhile these grooves can cut your line.

Check the water level in your batteries every month of so and clean your battery connection when you see corrosion on the terminals.

Unplug your trolling motor hot wire from it source before you start charging your trolling battery or batteries. Many a control head has been damaged by a slow leak of current that will flow if the hot wire is still connected when charging takes place.

Check your life jackets to make sure that they are not dry rotting in your storage area. Same goes for the throw cushion.

Keep your extra fishing line in a dark area, same goes for your fishing gear when you are not using it.

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