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    the hardest thing for me now that i have a boat is knowing where the heck to go and what the heck to do once i get there. so what do yall do when you get to a new body of water, how to u find spots, etc...
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    The best advice is to find a friendly native. Ask at the local bait houses, marina's, ramps... anywhere you see guys fishing or with fishing equipment. Most of them will help a person if they ask for help. If you don't want to ask the natives, then it is hunt and peck ... you fish a spot, if you catch something you can come back to it again... if you don't catch anything, look for more structure and fish it... eventually you'll find the fish and establish your own "honey holes".

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    Just cruise around and explore. try different spots
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    I know exactly what you're going though. I too made the transition from bank fishing to a boat this year and was experiencing "option overload". I've done a couple of things that are helping me; first, I keep a journal. What is working when and where? Second I've picked one body of water to learn, I launch from the same landing and venture out a little further from that ramp each time, learning all I can about the lake along the way. I also got a map of the lake I frequent and I look at it often to see if I can come up with some idea where fish might be.

    Nothing can beat real time on the water though. The more you're out there, the more you'll learn. But those are a few things I've done that have helped me. Hope they work for you too.