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    Im fishing a local pond that i know for sure HAS channel catfish in it. Ive caught a few. Just not big. The other day i made a few batches of homemaids and and sum fresh live cut bait to. I divided the bait omng 6 poles and caught.....NOTHING!!! So. I need your help. Wat are some good baits to use in this pond. And homemade baits i culd try?? Thanxs.
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    I would try worms. But in small ponds my best bait is cut bluegill. They are used to going for them. I usually cast them out as far as i can and slowly work them along the bottom. just reel really slowly-the big ones will usually hammer the crap out of it.

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    Night crawlers and shrimp is what I would try. Chicken livers with garlic powder added would be another. A few days before you go get the livers ready by taking them out of the package and cutting them to size then coat them in garlic and cover them in salt. Return them to package place in fridge and wait about three days. The salt toughens up the outer skin so they stay on the hook and the garlic just adds smell.
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    I fish a similar pond for channel catfish and bullheads. The bait that has produced the most cats for me is Strike King Dynabites Catalpa Worm flavor. Although this time of year stink baits take a long time to circulate in the water. So this time of year I would try worms or cut bluegill. If the pond has any good size cats of 3lbs or more then very small live bluegill about 3-5 inches would be very good bait because in the colder weather it takes cats a while to find stinks but a live baitfish will send distress signals in the water that cats will detect with the lateral line in there body, the only downside is that I've caught bass doing this same thing but hey they tug on the line pretty well too.
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    i also fish in a pond full of cats...but also has lots of gills....i found that if i use worms or livers i catch a lot of gills....i mainly use live or dead minnows....90 percent of the time when i get a fish on its a cat...every cat that i caught of any size out of that pond was using minnows...only use worms or liver if i cant get minnow....