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    I have a 1988 Suzuki 15 HP outboard, has been running great, but today when I would accelerate; the motor would rev up and the boat would slow down. I assuming a spun prop is the problem. I did hit a few things in the water on Wednesday when i was out, but it really wasn't anything major. I took the carter pin out and took off the nut, then there was another piece behind the nut with splines on it (not sure what it is called) but when i pulled it off there were pieces of loose rubber in there. Now i don't know how to get the prop off; do i need to tap it off or do i need a puller. I also drained the lower unit oil and there were no metal shaving in the oil; it looked great and it was free of debris, so i assumed spun prop is the problem what would be my next move.
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    should pull right off might have to tap it a little

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    Yeah you should not need a puller unless you are actually pulling the bearing carrier. That prop so slide right off of there??
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    the part you removed behind the nut is just a spacer to let the nut push against the prop, have someone hold the flywheel still and see if you can turn the prop with all of your Hulk force, and see if it slips on the rubber hub thats inside of the prop, it will be HARD to turn, have STRONG help. to remove the prop. tap on the propshaft and pull on the prop at the same time they get a lil stuck sometimes,