Help with Watts Bar Tennesse - What should I use for bait?

Discussion in 'LOCAL TENNESSEE TALK' started by antfish, Apr 9, 2006.

  1. antfish

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    I plan on going camping at the Watts Bar campground and need fishing spots and bait choices please!:confused:

    Thanks Antfish:cool:
  2. craddock1

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    IF YOU ARE TALKING ABOUT THE NEW CAMP GROUND IN ROANE COUNTY. i would go out to the tennessee river and go up towards kingston. look for deep holes where there is a current just below the tennessee clinch split. current is hard to find right now because of low generating rate at ft. loudon dam. when you put your line out you need 5 ripples from the current around the line for best results. i wouldn't eat any of the fish in caney creek where the camp ground is because of the sewage treatment emptying into the creek 1/2 mile above the campground.

  3. cottonmouth

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    southeast tn
    If you're camping close to the boat ramp walk up back in the slu out and around where they tie the barges up,we used to do good there but haven't tried it in several years. If you have a boat go past sandy bottoms and there is a rock bluff on the west side of the river that used to hold a lot of blues.